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Essential breakdown cover for your boiler, central heating and hot water

Active Care® Contract Terms and Conditions

‘Active Care’® is a term used by Active Heating® Services Ltd to describe its monthly payment plan to cover the breakdown, repair and servicing of heating and hot water systems in a nominated domestic property fired by oil, mains gas or LPG in West Berkshire.

What is included:-

  • HEATING: Parts and labour for the investigation and repair of one domestic boiler, where the parts have stopped working or are contributing to a reduction in system performance.
  • Two or more boilers per property and their systems can be quoted and covered under Active Care ®.
  • HOT WATER: Changing an immersion on a hot water cylinder, investigating hot water issues.
  • BREAKDOWN CALL OUTS: From 8am to 7pm, 7 days a week except Bank Holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Christmas Day and Boxing Day if they fall on a Saturday or Sunday are not included.
  • CONTROLS: Replacement of wired or battery pumps, heating valves, programmers and thermostats.
  • BOILER SERVICING: The annual service of one single burner boiler (oil or gas or LPG)
  • HOB SERVICING: The annual service of a gas hob..
  • HOT WATER CYLINDER: an annual inspection of hot water cylinders, pressurised or open vent.
  • CERTIFICATES: Servicing certificates for Landlords and home owners.
  • BACK BOILERS:- a charge of £20 per visit is made for the handling of the gas fire. Servicing of a fire is not included.
  • GAS LEAKS: Will be pinpointed to a joint or section of pipe.
  • OIL LEAKS: Will be pinpointed to a joint or section of pipe.
  • BALANCING RADIATOR HEAT OUTPUT as far as the system configuration will allow.
  • ADVICE on any plumbing or heating issues.
  • TENANTED PROPERTIES: Active Care® also applies to tenanted properties and we can be contacted by the managing agent, Landlord or tenant, whichever gives greatest peace of mind.


  • Replacing boilers in their entirety.
  • Replacing or repairing hot water cylinder parts other than an immersion.
  • All Sanitary ware, taps and their pipework
  • Showers , and any part of a shower, its hot and cold feed and its pump.
  • Any parts of the flue, flue seals, flue supports or flue roof tile. We do repair the boiler/flue fire cement.
  • Investigating and repair of any pipework or valves on the pipework.
  • A cooker, grill or fire service, breakdown or repair.
  • Parts required on the first gas service are not included.
  • Any investigation or repair of the gas or oil line after the appliance isolation valve.
  • The first oil boiler service and parts required on the first service are not included.
  • Hob breakdown or repair (one annual service only is included) .
  • Rayburn, Stanleys and Aga style appliances. Work we are doing on the heating system may cause these appliances to need relighting and this is not covered under Active Care. Please draw our attention to any isolation valve to the Aga on an oil line.
  • The Active Care Plan applies to domestic properties only.
  • Replacement of parts which are obsolete or not supported by the manufacturer. In these cases the whole unit and connecting parts may be rendered obsolete and their replacement is not covered.
  • Double burner boilers
  • Cold water and header tanks and their pipework.
  • Any part of an Underfloor heating system.
  • Breakdowns, repairs and issues due to sludge or debris in the heating system. It is advised that a filter is installed to help minimise issues caused by sludge.
  • Breakdowns, repairs and issues due to scale build up. It is advised that a water softener or scale prevention device is fitted to minimise issues caused by scale.
  • Water softeners, their valves and bypasses.
  • Repair of radiators and their valves.
  • Faults which exist at the time of joining
  • Faults that are found when previously invisible fittings are made visible.
  • Non compliant installations or fittings.
  • A plate heat exchanger will be replaced as long as an effective descaler is in place and has been serviced.
  • Main heat exchanger replacement is not included.
  • Accidental or malicious damage, misuse or neglect by a person or people.
  • Breakdowns or replacement of wireless or phone based monitoring or control systems.
  • Repairs due to fire, damage by rodents/pests/animals, freezing, storm, water, explosion.
  • Removing or reinstatement of fixtures, flooring, fittings, screed, paintwork, boxing in, plasterwork or brick work which is altered or replaced to carry out work under the agreement.
  • Cosmetic marks or damage which does not affect performance of a unit.
  • Investigating non-visible persistent water pressure loss beyond determining its origin as within the boiler versus the system.
  • Investigating or repairing leaks or water pressure loss other than within a boiler.
  • Repair or investigation or repair of any pipework and fittings and valves on the pipework (other than a heating /zone valve) .
  • Investigating or clearing blockages/obstructions including within heating system including the boiler.
  • Repairs or partial repairs or dissembling of parts fitted by third parties which do not comply with current legislation, Regulations or standards or safe practice.
  • Repairs or call outs due to interruptions of the water, electrical oil and gas supply.
  • Clearing up of water or oil spills due to boiler component failure unless caused by our negligence use of the component.
  • Handling asbestos or other hazardous substances.
  • Alteration to system parts added or replaced by others after the Contract is taken out until we inspect it. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any changes.
  • Electrical non-conformities eg on fuses, plugs, sockets, cabling causing heating or hot water failures.
  • Any exclusions listed in the property’s Active Care Survey recommendations unless repaired.
  • Routine maintenance:- eg cleaning or changing the renewable elements of filters, descalers and water softeners, changing LPG hoses every 5 years, changing  batteries, changing seals at regular intervals as required by manufacturer’s instructions.
  • We will service a Magnaclean filter and Combimate descalers at £30+vat at a service if the customer brings them to our attention beforehand and they are done at the time of a boiler service..
  • Appliances and controls that are noisy will not be replaced under Active Care unless their function is compromised.
  • Poor workmanship by others which has contributed to a fault or heating/hot water issue. Sourcing and buying your choice of radiators is not covered under Active Care ® . We reserve the right to refuse to fit radiators we think are too heavy to manoeuvre safely or won’t be supported by the wall.
  • Please note that attending to Carbon Monoxide alarms is not included. This requires a heating engineer with specific CO qualification or British Gas.


  • We do not clean or replace duct pipework under Active Care®


  • Active Care® cleans and checks the filter at the boiler and the fire valve as long as they are accessible but does not replace them.
  • Any part of the oil line.
  • The oil tank, it’s sight gauge, filter and tap at the tank.
  • A de-aerator is checked but not repaired or replaced.
  • Investigating, removing and making repairs due to dirt, water or air which has entered the oil line are not covered.
  • The repair or replacement of any part of an oil level gauges or oil loss alarms is not covered.
  • Clearing oil spills due to component or appliance failure is not covered.
  • Loss of boiler function due to low oil levels or after an oil delivery.
  • The first oil boiler service and replacement of parts picked up at the first service is not included.


  • Faults and replacement of the gas line hoses or Regulator are not included.
  • Faults after delivery/renewal of LPG gas is not included.
  • Replacement of parts at the first service is not included.


What is included:

  • An initial walk round to check the general condition of the electrics is included. A full Condition Report (formerly called a Periodic Inspection) may be recommended. This would be quoted at £200 + vat for a one/two bedroom property and more for a larger property.
  • Labour is included for attending to breakdowns and repairs (provided they meet the terms for attending under the Active Care plan)
  • The cost of materials on repairs up to £10.
  • Wiring support for heating systems.
  • Wall and ceiling accessory electrical replacements are made in white plastic.
  • Breakdowns on the electrical supply to the tenant’s or Landlord’s portable equipment provided the portable equipment has passed PAT testing within the last 12 months and a certificate can be shown.
  • The consumer board is not included.

Exclusions to electrical cover :

  • PAT testing of landlord or tenant’s portable appliances.
  • Upgrading to improve or to bring the electrical supply up to current standards.
  • Breakdowns of landlord’s or tenant’s Portable electrical equipment including white goods.
  • Attending breakdowns where the repair is to an item or to wiring not in compliance with BS EN7671.
  • Changing lamps, batteries, resetting clocks ie normal householder maintenance is not included.
  • Poor workmanship by others.
  • Additions made by others after the survey are excluded until inspected by ourselves.
  • Repairs due to negligence or damage by animals/pests are excluded.
  • Cosmetic damage.
  • A replacement consumer unit. If required this will be offered at a genuinely discounted price.
  • Breakdowns due to electrical storm or other environmental force.
  • Breakdowns caused by interruptions to the property’s electrical supply due to faults/interruptions by the Energy Provider.
  • Breakdowns while the property is being charged by a generator.
  • Exterior lighting or wiring.
  • Specific exclusions or recommendations arising from the survey by our electrician of the property.


  • We give 2 month’s notice in writing/by email of an increase in prices.
  • Appointment times are between the arrival times of 8am to 7pm.
  • We offer a same day service for call outs to breakdowns whenever appropriate. There may be some occasions where we may not be able to offer immediate cover.
  • For the purposes of this contract, the value of the service is £zero. It is offered as a free item in addition to the breakdown cover.
  • Work to your boiler will be carried out by a qualified person employed directly by us. In exceptional circumstances we may use a sub-contractor.
  • The contract does not cover the presence of an engineer on Bank Holidays, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s day are not covered where they fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Please text ‘ACTIVE CARE YOUR SURNAME’ to 07970 661 962 if your phone call to us is not answered or after 5pm. This phone is monitored from 7am to 7pm.
  • Parts of the systems may need to be updated or repaired before being covered under the contract.
  • Landlords: We charge £20 for collecting and returning keys when the property is not occupied for our visit or when the Letting Agent can’t meet us there. You may wish to give us a spare set of keys to avoid this charge.
  • The survey of your heating system will be done within 2 weeks of the first standing order going through to make sure your system is safe and compliant. The survey will identify if work is required to bring the heating and hot water system within the scope of the agreement. Any work identified at the survey stage is quoted and will form an additional exclusion to the contract until the work is complete.
  • Two month’s standing order fees is chargeable if either party considers Active Care unsuitable after the survey.
  • The date of the first standing order entering our bank is the date of joining.
  • Our time to fix a boiler or hob may be delayed if you do not have User and Servicing Manuals.
  • The first free service under the contract will be carried out no earlier than 4 months after joining and thereafter at 12 month intervals. We contact you before it is due. A service required before this time will be charged.
  • The contract applies for 12 months minimum from the date the first standing order goes into our account.
  • Either party can give 4 weeks (28 days) notice of termination of the contract after 12 months has passed. The standing order must be cancelled by the customer; a third party (ie Active Heating Services) cannot cancel it.
  • Personal information will only be kept by us to help us service and track your account.

If we attend to a breakdown or investigation of a problem which proves to be excluded under the Active Care scheme we will charge at £65 + vat for the first hour and £30 + vat for every half hour or part half hour thereafter for any investigation or repair we make. Parts will be charged separately.

These terms and conditions may vary from time to time. Notice will be given in writing or by email.

Telephone: 01635 863336 • info@activeheatingservices.co.uk • www.activeheatingservices.co.uk .  www.activecareboilercover.co.uk

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